IMG_9413Mini Facial

This is a soothing cleansing three step facial. We steam the face with a herbal tea we make fresh every morning, oatmeal, papaya, peppermint scrub followed with a wonderful moisture mask.
25 min $60.00


Healthy Glow Facial

A wonderful, cleansing, hydrating herbal facial that will leave you with a healthy glow. Also includes a hand or foot massage.
45min $95.00

Luxury Herbal Facial

This is our premier European facial, which includes many luxurious and pampering steps. You will emerge looking and feeling soft, smooth and radiant. A relaxing hand and foot massage is included.
75 min $135.00

IMG_9754Men’s Facial

Includes a facial massage, hot herbal towel, oatmeal herbal scrub, clay masque, several moisturizing relaxing masques and a hand or foot massage.
75 min $135.00